The Number One Valentine Valuable: Jewelry

The Number One Valentine Valuable: Jewelry

We are less than a week away guys…and yes, we mean to put an emphasis on ‘guys’. Multiple surveys and polls suggest that men spend on average more than 2x the amount than women do…

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Protecting Your Purchases This Holiday Season

Protecting your purchases this holiday season

It’s no secret that online shopping is booming this holiday season, according to eMarketer, a research company that provides insights related to commerce and marketing in the digital world. From November 1 to December 31,…

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Wildfire Death Toll Rises To 50

Wildfire Death Toll Rises to 50

California wildfires cause $845 million in insurance losses this year so far”; a headline from just two months ago. The current total? A whopping $6.9 billion. Current California Governor, Jerry Brown, is requesting a "major disaster…

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The Cost Of Reconstruction

The Cost of Reconstruction

In light of mother nature’s events in the past years, there has been an increase in insurance claims that call for reconstruction. First, it’s important that we understand reconstruction costs and how it differs from…

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So, Why Don’t You Have Flood Insurance?

So, why don’t you have flood insurance?

It would be a far fetch to say that you have never heard of flood insurance; same goes for homeowner’s insurance, right?  So, why is it that we (the average consumer) assume that flood insurance…

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Boat Insurance: Do You Need It?

Boat insurance: Do you need it?

Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. So, while your making your plans to head out to the lake for a weekend full of fun, you still need to take precautions. Just liked you…

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