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Valuable Items Insurance

Whether it’s a 1952 Micky Mantle baseball card, a vintage fur coat or a Rolex, it’s safe to assume that you would go to great lengths to protect a family heirloom or a treasured belonging. However, you may be unaware…

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The Truth About Identity Theft Insurance

Did you know that hackers have exposed vulnerabilities in routers belonging to eight of the world’s top hotels? Consider the information you provide when shopping or banking online; or the personal documents such as financial statements or tax documents that…

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May Roundup

It's an exciting time in the River Region, as community events, Biscuit Baseball and other summer activities begin to fill up the social calendars. It also happens to be an exciting and eventful time for Starke Agency, as we gear…

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Alabama Dram Shop Laws: What You Need to Know

Summer has officially begun! With kids out of school, summer holidays and vacations, the next few months are usually a popular time for people to get married or entertain at their homes. These celebrations always seem to be a highlight…

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