Alabama, We Have A Problem: Uninsured Drivers

Alabama, We Have a Problem: Uninsured Drivers

As of December 2015, Alabama reported that an estimated 22% of drivers in the state don’t have car insurance. With over 1/5 of its drivers being uninsured, the state ranks as one of the worst…

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Q & A: What To Do In Your First Wreck

Q & A: What to Do in Your First Wreck

Q: Can I move my car after hitting someone? A: Yes, you can move your car to see damages, but it may be smartest not to. It is best to wait for instructions from a…

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Being An Uber Driver: Is It Worth The Risk?

Being an Uber Driver: Is it Worth the Risk?

Want to be an Uber driver in Montgomery? Three weeks ago the city finally approved the ride-sharing ordinance at its Tuesday night meeting. The ride-sharing, or Transportation Network Company (TNC), Uber, brings with it not…

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Communication Breakdown: Keep Your Insurer In The Know

Communication Breakdown: Keep Your Insurer in the Know

There are many instances in which you should contact your insurer or agent about changes in your everyday life that can affect your coverage. For example: Let’s say you use your own vehicle for work-related…

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‘Tis The Season Of Giving, Receiving &…Thieving?

‘Tis the Season of Giving, Receiving &…Thieving?

What isn’t there to love about the holiday season? Well, we could name a few things. When it comes to insurance, risks rise across the board due to theft, increased traveling, Christmas tree mishaps and…

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Ready For Winter: Home Edition

Ready for Winter: Home Edition

Slowly the South’s warm weather has begun to fade and before we know it winter will have arrived. Us ‘folks’ not so fond of the cold weather and the risks that come with it still…

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What Your Insurance Score Means:

What your Insurance Score Means:

Did you know you have an Insurance Score?  No? Let us inform you, then. Insurance Score Defined: Your Insurance Score is not the same as your Credit Score, though it does factor into it. Similar to…

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Fire Prevention Month: What You Need To Know

Fire Prevention Month: What You Need to Know

This month is National Fire Prevention month, with last week being dedicated as “The Fire Prevention Week”. We all share the desire to prevent fires in our homes and there are dozens of tips available…

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Flood Insurance: Better Safe Than Soaked

Flood Insurance: Better Safe than Soaked

It’s Hurricane season, and as we’ve seen in the last week, rain has been among us here in the southeast. This past weekend, parts of South Carolina received almost a foot of rain, according to the National…

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