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The best part of bundling up

When you think of “bundling up”, do you think about putting on your warmest jacket or do you think about saving money? If it’s the former, let us help you with that. Bundling in insurance is simply purchasing multiple policies…

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Mystarke Insurance Alabama Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Insurance Style

Spring is the traditional time of year for cleaning, organizing, and down-sizing—ridding yourself of unnecessary things to make room for future necessary items. Speaking of necessary, ‘Spring Cleaning’ time is a great time to not just go through your physical…

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The Number One Valentine Valuable: Jewelry

We are less than a week away guys…and yes, we mean to put an emphasis on ‘guys’. Multiple surveys and polls suggest that men spend on average more than 2x the amount than women do on Valentine’s Day. The culprit?…

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Wildfire Death Toll Rises to 50

California wildfires cause $845 million in insurance losses this year so far”; a headline from just two months ago. The current total? A whopping $6.9 billion. Current California Governor, Jerry Brown, is requesting a "major disaster declaration" from President Trump. Search…

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So, why don’t you have flood insurance?

It would be a far fetch to say that you have never heard of flood insurance; same goes for homeowner’s insurance, right?  So, why is it that we (the average consumer) assume that flood insurance is included in a typical…

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Flood Insurance: Better Safe than Soaked

It’s Hurricane season, and as we’ve seen in the last week, rain has been among us here in the southeast. This past weekend, parts of South Carolina received almost a foot of rain, according to the National Weather Service, and more is…

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Five Steps for Winterizing Your Home

As the temperature begins to drop in Alabama, now is time to begin winterizing your home to ensure that it remains in prime condition throughout the upcoming chilly months. Every year, we get a spike in calls relating to busted…

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Avoid Spooky Insurance Claims This Halloween

Halloween night is only a few weeks away!  While you search all around town for the perfect costume, (Captain America is currently on track to be the most popular costume for 2014;) decorate your house with cobwebs and monsters or…

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